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How do I paint power floated floors, what do you recommend?

Power floated concrete floors are difficult to paint, they are so hard and smooth that paint just won’t penetrate or stick properly.  Trying to abrade or etch can be tricky, but the easy way is to apply Powerfloat Primer straight on to the surface, then you can paint it with whatever you like and it will stay on the floor.


     Powerfloat Primer

Powerfloat Primer

Do I need to etch new concrete before I paint it; a colleague has suggested this, is this correct?

This is really good advice.  If the concrete has never been painted or sealed before, etching is a perfect way to make sure that the paint sticks.  Our etchant, Cemtetch®, removes loose and weak bits of cement and opens up the texture to allow the paint to penetrate. It’s also really good at removing dirt.  Once you’ve used Cemtetch® the floor will be ready to paint.




Cemtetch 5L

I want to paint a warehouse that has a new sand and cement screed floor. Can you tell me how I should prepare it? Your data sheets refer to etching new concrete; does this apply to sand and cement screeds as well?

You shouldn’t etch a sand and cement screed floor, just give it a good sweep and make sure it’s clean and dry. They are quite porous though, this means you would need to put a primer on first otherwise a coating would just disappear! 4- Hour Epoxy Primer would be ideal for this followed by any of our epoxy resin coatings.



4 Hour Epoxy Primer

4 Hour Epoxy Primer

How long does a concrete floor take to set before it can be painted?

As a guideline we would recommend leaving it for approximately 4 weeks providing you’ve got good drying conditions, i.e. temperatures above 50° F, good air flow, etc.




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